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Search Box Optimization

What if Google and Bing were literally suggesting your company name or product on the auto-complete aka "search bar" when your ideal client typed in your chosen keyword? 

This is NOT pay per click or SEO...and your company could be one of the first to hop on this and beat your competitors!

We have the honor of being one of just a few companies in the US offering this completely new tactic, and so far, only one company in the US provides it but it's more powerful than SEO, and PPC/SEM paid search ads by a mile!

This service is called Search-Box-Optimization (SBO), which we provide exclusively. We offer both National and Local keywords.

Here's a quick video explaining it: 

*Important – the search terms are exclusive, meaning once you own them, they are yours and it's pay for performance. 

We do the work - you pay only when we successfully do our job. 

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